Advinus Therapeutics, A TATA Enterprise, Meets Milestone in Drug Discovery Alliance

Advinus Therapeutics, A TATA Enterprise, Meets Milestone in Drug Discovery Alliance

Advinus Therapeutics Ltd., the TATA promoted Pharmaceutical R&D Company, announced today that it has reached the third milestone in its research and development collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The achievement of this milestone highlights the success of the collaboration.

In October 2012, Advinus and Takeda announced a multi-year, multi-project collaboration in the area of drug discovery. In this collaboration, Advinus is responsible for carrying out all the research required to identify candidate molecules for clinical development in several therapeutic areas while Takeda is responsible for the development and commercialization of these candidates. In each of the previous two years, Advinus has met predetermined milestones. The achievement of the third milestone underscores the rapid progress of the research programs over the past year, a result of the innovative solutions and the speed and quality of Advinus’ efforts supported by Takeda’s guidance and highly interactive engagement.

“The achievement of the third milestone by Advinus’ young and talented scientists is a clear demonstration of how an effective partnership could deliver novel and effective candidates for drug development in a cost effective manner,” said Kasim Mookhtiar, CEO & MD of Advinus.

About Advinus

Advinus Therapeutics is a research based Pharma Company promoted by the TATA group. The company is the first of its kind in India to offer end to end development services to the global Pharma, Agro and Biotech industry while creating long term value through internal and collaborative Drug Discovery. The primary focus of the company’s discovery efforts are in Metabolic Diseases, Inflammatory Diseases and Pain/ Neurodegeneration. Advinus also has an interest in pursuing the discovery of novel therapies for neglected or developing world diseases. Advinus’ drug development operations supports and supplements the client resources at increased levels of cost-efficiency by providing services in the areas of Process Development, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Clinical Pharmacology, Safety Assessment, Formulation Development and Analytical R&D.