Bioanalytical capabilities of Eurofins Advinus

Bhavesh Patel, Ph. D.
Eurofins Advinus Limited, Bangalore

The year 2020 marks 50 years since the release of Shimadzu’s first mass spectrometry device, the LKB-9000. Over the past half century, the passion for innovation has led to multiple ground-breaking developments in Shimadzu MS technology. With considerable experience in the field, we take this opportunity to reflect on the past and look towards the future of MS, providing revolutionary products and great services. As a part of the Shimadzu MSS0 celebration, we introduce to you High-5 – an interview section where we interact with our esteemed customers on their work flows and the road ahead for MS.

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Bioanalytical capabilities of Eurofins Advinus

What is your main field of research?
Eurofins Advinus is a R&D services company that supports the discovery and development of compounds for diverse industries including Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals, Agrochemicals, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics. Eurofins Advinus is part of Eurofins Scientific, a leading international group of laboratories providing a unique range of analytical testing services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental and consumer products industries and to governments.
For the pharma/biotech industries, Eurofins Advinus offers end-to-end services in the areas of preclinical safety assessment testing, chemical process development, analytical R&D, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics for IND submission. In addition, the company also offers long term non-clinical safety assessment testing, in support of pharmaceutical New Drug Applications (NDA). Eurofins Advinus also supports various analytical, safety, chemistry services for regulatory submission requirements of other industries such as Agrochemicals, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals and Industrial Chemical.
The Company’s Bioanalytical team has developed and Validated 1000+ methods for analysis of active ingredients in animal and human biological matrices and have handled 300+ compounds. The team has expertise in handling matrices such as Plasma, Urine, Faeces, CSF, Bile and various Tissue homogenates.

What are the current trends with regards to the use of Mass Spectrometer?
Mass Spectrometer is the most popular and widely trusted technique in the field of bioanalysis. It has been used extensively for small molecule bioanalysis and is favoured for its high throughput, selectivity, specificity, sensitivity, accuracy and precision, In the recent times scientists are also exploring for its applicability for quantitative determination and immunogenicity assessment for large molecule as well. In the case of integrated drug discovery programs the high throughput turn around with precise data is essential and can be achieved with Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometers. It is the best platform available as of now for quick assessment of biotransformation and other in vitro ADME assays for drug discovery programs. It is also been extensively used in preclinical research for determination of toxicokinetic profiles for the drug under development program.

How are you utilizing the Shimadzu LC-MS for day-to-day activities?
We are using Shimadzu LC-MS in our laboratory for bioanalytical method development, method validation and followed by toxicology study sample analysis for small and large molecules. We also use Shimadzu LC-MS/MS instrument for metabolite identification, for the assessment of tissue distribution and analysis of in vitro study samples. We are utilizing the instrument for the quantitative determination of analytes using very low sample volumes. Instrument is also being used for quantitative determination of mABs (Monoclonal Antibodies) for preclinical studies using signature peptide approach.

What are your expectations from Mass Spectrometry technology in the future?
Mass Spectrometer with capability of quantitative determination using intact mass of large molecules with high throughput turn around. More innovation is required on selective ionisation of molecule of interest to save time from sample preparation. Remote accessibility and involvement of artificial intelligence (Al) to simplify workflows and thereby improving the productivity. Compact design and rugged engineering along with innovation in the non-gas dependent fragmentation of molecule and improved ionization of the molecules for easy mobility is expected.

Please share your experience on Support and service from Spinco Biotech.
We have good relationship with Spinco and the management team. Spinco teams strives to delight the customers and quickness in providing service. Engineers are available on short call and the overall downtime of the systems is less. Spinco also supports on application and they have trained application team. We at Eurofins Advinus look forward to continuous journey with team Spinco Biotech and Shimadzu in the future.