Criticality of ADME studies in Drug Discovery and Development

One of the critical functions to ensure success at the late stages of drug development are the optimal pharmacokinetic properties of candidate drugs and prevention of related adverse events or toxicities. That is why it is crucial that the absorption, metabolism, distribution and excretion characteristics of compounds are profiled in the early stages of drug discovery to avoid attrition at the later stages of development.

Eurofins Advinus offers the following ADME assays in the hit-to-lead and lead optimization phases to acquire accurate and detailed information on the physicochemical, metabolism and potential drug-drug interaction and distribution properties of the candidate drugs.

Physicochemical Properties
  • Kinetic and Thermodynamic solubility in various pH buffers
  • Stability in various pH buffers
  • Solubility and stability in bio-relevant media
  • Plasma stability
  • Log P/log D determination
  • pKa determination
  • Permeability assays: Caco-2, PAMPA, MDCK


  • Metabolic Stability in sub-cellular fractions such as microsomes and S-9 fractions
  • Metabolic stability in hepatocytes
  • Phase I and Phase II metabolite identification in microsomes, hepatocytes or in vivo samples
  • Reaction phenotyping to understand the CYP isozymes responsible for the metabolism of the compound
  • Reactive metabolite trapping
Drug-Drug Interaction 
  • CYP inhibition in human liver microsomes
  • CYP induction in cryopreserved human hepatocytes
  • Time dependent inhibition in human liver microsomes
  • P-gp/BCRP inhibition and substrate identification in Caco-2 or transfected MDCK cell line

Plasma Protein Binding 

Blood/Plasma Partitioning
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