Vaccine Safety Testing 

Eurofins Advinus offers preclinical testing services to help evaluate your vaccine's safety. We have experience and expertise to work with all types of vaccines - Combination vaccines, DNA vaccines, Recombinant vaccines and Synthetic peptide vaccines. 
Our scientists are well versed with the regulatory requirements for different types of vaccines and ensure the studies are designed to assess the potential toxic effects a vaccine may have in target organs, including the hematopoietic and immune systems as well as to assess systemic toxicity.

Toxicology studies (GLP)

  • Single dose toxicity study in most relevant species (mice/rats/dogs or mini pig)
  • Repeat dose toxicity study with recovery & immunogenicity (mice/rats/rabbits/dogs or mini pig)
  • Local tolerance study in rabbits
  • Juvenile toxicity studies in rodents
Reproduction studies (GLP)
  • Fertility and early embryonic development to implantation (SEG-I) in rats
  • Prenatal developmental study (SEG-II) in rats and rabbits
  • Peri-natal and post-natal developmental study (SEG-III) in rats
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