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Quantitative Bone Marrow Cytology and Neurotoxicity Studies 

Advinus Therapeutics, a leading pre-clinical Contract Research Organization based in India has had the privilege of serving customers/sponsors across the world as a trusted pre-clinical drug development partner. Over the years we have conducted more than 10,000 regulatory and non-regulatory studies, have supported over 50 Investigational New Drug Applications and have conducted 60 carcinogenicity studies.

As a result, we have developed strong expertise in histopathological assessment building a huge repository of the control data which is unmatched in the industry.  Given that both microscopic examination of tissues and clinical pathology data are the mainstays of any pharmaceutical and biotechnology product development, we are happy to offer this best-in-class expertise of Advinus, as a stand-alone service.  Our histopathology services include the entire gamut - from necropsy, tissue trimming, diagnosis (using international standard nomenclature) to stand alone services like histopathology and report preparation for multisite studies, quantitative bone marrow cytology and neurotoxicity assessment. We also offer peer review services through world renowned pathologists. 

Quantitative Bone Marrow Cytology
Unique service offered by ADVINUS, which no other labs in India can offer -

Marrow cytology is indispensable and adds unique value in the development of cytotoxic compounds. If the combined evaluation of standard assays (HP, CBC) fails to fully characterize toxicologic effects, cytological bone marrow evaluation is warranted.

All Neurotoxicity Studies Under One Roof
Fixation by Immersion In 10% NBF
In situ perfusion with 4% glutaldehyde
Brain- 7 levels in rodents; 5 levels in dogs Paraffin embedding
Cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal cord Paraffin embedding
Brachial, sciatic, femoral, tibial, sural nerve plastic embedding
Dorsal, ventral root and spinal ganglion
Special stains
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