Field Trial Services

Eurofins Advinus offers a wide range of Field Efficacy Studies (GEP) for local and global regulatory submissions. Our team has the experience and expertise to help diverse industries - Agrochemicals, Seed and Consumer Products

We are well equipped for conducting field studies which include - 
  • Magnitude of residue (GLP and Non-GLP)
  • Environmental Fate and Behavior studies 
  • Seed treatment trials
  • Resistance Monitoring (IRM baseline and Pressuring Studies) in insects
  • Disease and herbicide resistance in weeds
  • Operator exposure and re-entry
  • Dislodgeable residues
We are specialized for conducting trials in plantation crops like Tea/Coffee/Cardamom, in addition to other agriculture crops (Rice, Cotton, Corn, Peanuts) and horticultural crops (Fruits and vegetables) available in India.

We are able to conduct tests in all parts of India (North, South, East and West) under different agro-climatic conditions.
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Eurofins Advinus Limited
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