Integrated Chemistry Services
Bench Scale to Commercial Scale  

The team at Eurofins Advinus is able to assist with early phase programs, IND enabling projects, process development and scale-up under non-GMP and GMP compliance for clinical trials and beyond.

Discovery Chemistry - 

  • CADD
  • Iterative cycles including design of IP free analogues, synthesis and screening testing
  • Proficiency in library synthesis and scaffold design/scaffold hopping
  • Hit to lead and lead optimization, followed by candidate selection
Custom Synthesis - 
  • Intermediates and building blocks
  • Exotic raw materials 
  • Metabolites, impurities, reference standards, etc.
Process Chemistry - 
  • Route screening and selection
  • Fit for purpose process development and optimization
  • QbD based process development for late phase compounds
  • Process safety studies 
  • Salt screening and polymorph evaluation
  • Potential genotoxic impurity quantification and control 
Analytical Chemistry - 
  • Standalone services or Integrated with CMC services 
  • Method development and validation
  • Impurity isolation, identification (characterization) and profiling 
  • Stability studies 
Manufacturing Capabilities 
  • Rapid piloting and scale-up
  • HAZOP studies 
  • Non-GMP and GMP manufacturing
  • Supply of key RSMs and intermediates
  • NCE/API manufacturing 
  • Process validation
  • Stability studies 
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