Process Chemistry and Manufacturing Services 

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Eurofins Advinus offers a full range of process development manufacturing services spanning multi kilogram to MT scale for toxicology studies, clinical trials and commercial launch. Our scientists and process engineers have excellent experience in developing new, safe and efficient synthetic route for complex molecules. Our goal is to simplify and accelerate your drug development and manufacturing requirements. 
Chemical Development Services–
  • Route screening and selection
  • Fast track scale-up from lab to kilo lab for preclinical/tox supplies
  • Crystallization studies for salt forms
  • QbD based process design, optimization and development
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Technology transfer and process safety studies using tools like RC1e, ARC and DSC
  • Stability studies as per ICH guidelines
CDMO Services –
  • Flexible custom manufacturing suits for advanced intermediates and NCE/API
  • Non-GMP manufacturing for toxicology studies
  • GMP manufacturing for clinical studies and launch
  • Multi-stage complex chemistries
  • Strategic outsourcing as part of business continuity plan for key intermediates and KSMs 
  • ZLD (Zero liquid discharge) effluent treatment plant with Mechanical Vapor recompression
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