Medicinal Chemistry Expertise  

Eurofins Advinus has state-of-the-art infrastructure in medicinal chemistry and team has seasoned and experienced scientific leadership skills with exposure to a wide range of therapeutic areas. Team has worked on more than 35+ discovery programs

Insight into our CNS Expertise

Of particular prominence is our massive experience in CNS therapeutic area, which is considered as one of the cornerstones of drug discovery owing to its own challenges (for ex BBB) and difficulties (for ex developing in vivo models) during lead optimization.

Our team has run multiple CNS programs  and successfully delivered clinical candidates. The team has excellent designing skills to create IP free derivatives/analogs and novel scaffolds.

Our experienced medicinal chemists validated a hit/series using knowledge-based approaches by designing and synthesizing close and patentable new analogues (;
Some of the key accomplishments in CNS therapeutic area are
  • Experience of working on GPCR and Enzyme class of targets towards finding a neuroprotective agent against Parkinson’s Disease and other rare diseases affecting CNS.
  • Candidate compound from in-house CNS program (presently with other partner) in late stage preclinical development
  • Designed novel templates and identified Optimized Leads for CNS collaborative program
  • Strong track record to overcome BBB issue through our dedicated medicinal chemistry efforts and consider MPO Score calculation
All necessary CNS in vivo models were developed and standardized
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