Are you battling with poor selectivity & drug resistance with PROTACS?

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PROTACS (ProteolysisTargeting Chimeras) are bifunctional small molecules that eradicate specific proteins from within cells. This is novel drug discovery delivery strategy with potential to offer therapeutic interventions which were not possible with existing inhibition methodologies.
At Eurofins Advinus we perform Targeted Protein Degradation Assays to help in improving selectivity and reducing drug resistance. There are several challenges that can be faced in PROTAC molecule development phases
  • The PROTAC molecule does not bind to its intended partners
  • Bringing the E3 ligase and the target protein close to each other does not always lead to ubiquitin-mediated degradation
  • The PROTAC molecule leads to ubiquitylation of the target protein, but at the wrong site and/or with the wrong polyubiquitin linkage
Eurofins Advinus' experience in PROTAC can help you at every stage of development
  • Team has experience and expertise to run PROTAC programs for collaborators and successfully delivered the target compounds
  • Team has excellent designing skills to create IP free derivatives/analogs and Novel Scaffolds for various PROTAC programs
  • Eurofins Advinus has excellent track record to deliver Lead Compound in Kinase, Neurodegenerative Disorder, Bromodomain, etc.
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