Elemental Impurity Testing at Advinus

When the threshold required for elemental detection is really low...
ICP-MS is the way to go!  

Monitoring of organic and inorganic impurities throughout the manufacturing process: from raw ingredients to final products is important

As is well known, attention to micro/nano contaminants, metal impurities and leachable/extractable impurities is of paramount importance across the pharmaceutical, food product, nutraceutical, herbal extract industries etc. 
At Advinus, we listen to our customer's needs and strive to constantly upgrade and update our facilities to better serve their needs. We are happy to inform you that we have recently enhanced our capabilities by adding Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) to our portfolio of services.
ICP-MS, a type of mass spectrometry, is capable of detecting metals and several non-metals at concentrations as low as one part in 1015 (part per quadrillion) on non-interfered low-background isotopes.

ICP-MS at Advinus offers several unique features

  • Testing and Data generation at Advinus is GLP compliant
  • Laboratory with expertise in accurate and precise trace and ultra-trace level analyses
  • Capable of identification and quantification of elemental/ metal composition in diversified sample types
  • Toxicokinetic and pharmacokinetic studies requiring elemental analysis
  • Analysis in support of extractables & leachables testing
  • Facility to directly aspirate sample solutions in organic solvents
  • Backed by microwave digestion system capable of digesting variety of samples and sample sizes
  • Use of reference standards with traceability to international standards
Samples for metal contaminant analysis include (but are not restricted to):
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemical technical materials and other chemicals
  • Soils, sediments, etc.
  • Feed
  • Water
  • Biological matrices, like tissues, blood / plasma, etc.
  • Crop produce – raw and processed
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Processed food
  • Herbal Extracts (Ayurvedic or Western herbs)
  • Plastics and other polymers
We look forward to an opportunity to support you in this area and to help ensure that the best and safe product reaches your customer.
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