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Advinus is a GLP and AAALAC certified company, offering services to the Agro and Chemical sector geared towards developing the registration package for global regulatory submissions.

Advinus has successfully executed studies following USEPA, EEC, SINDAG, OECD and CIPAC guidelines under GLP compliance. Over 50 Carcinogenicity studies have been successfully submitted to and accepted by global regulatory agencies including the USEPA. Our scientific data are of the highest quality and we have a successful acceptance track record for more than 7000 regulatory studies.

Some of our key service offerings include:

  • Process Chemistry – Custom Synthesis, Route Scouting and Identification, supporting data package
  • Analytical services – Physical chemical studies, impurity profiling, 5 batch analysis, method development and validation, residue and persistence in soil, water & plant – as per GAP, Multi-location field trials
  • Ecotoxicology studies in fish, daphnia, alga, earthworm, honey bee and Japanese quail needed for pesticide registration
  • Environmental Fate and ADME - Hydrolysis as a function of pH, Direct aqueous photolysis, Adsorption coefficient (Koc ) on soil and on sewage sludge using HPLC, Adsorption - desorption on soil using batch equilibrium method, Aerobic and anaerobic transformation in soil, capabilities to conduct studies using radiolabelled compounds

Latest Offerings in Ecological Risk Assessment Under
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
Daphnia Magna Reproduction Test

determine the lowest observed effect concentration (LOEC)/ the no-observed effect concentration (NOEC) of a test item on reproductive output of Daphnia magna when exposed to range of test item concentrations

Activated Sludge, Respiration Inhibition Test

determine EC50 / the no-observed effect concentration (NOEC) of a test item on micro-organisms from activated sludge (largely bacteria) by measuring their respiration rate at range of test item concentrations

Method Development and Validation for Analysis of Residues in Air

This procedure is developed at Advinus, in addition to other parameters offered like, Method development and validation of pesticide residue studies in soil, water and plant

Aerobic and Anaerobic Transformation in Aquatic Sediment Systems

enables measurement of the transformation rate of the chemical in a water-sediment system

Leaching Potential of Chemicals in Soil

enables estimation of a chemical’s potential for movement (leaching) into deeper soil layers and eventually into groundwater

Effect on Soil Micro-organisms

investigate the long-term effects of chemicals, after a single exposure on soil microorganisms

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