Molecular Modeling and
Computational Chemistry Services
Eurofins Advinus offers integrated drug discovery services to help accelerate and advance your research. We have put together an experienced team of scientists who have expertise across multiple therapeutic areas. We are deeply invested in utilizing the latest science and technology innovations to provide you with highest quality service within defined timelines. 
We offer the following molecular modeling and computation chemistry services - 


Target Validation - 

  • Homology modeling 
  • Binding site identification & analysis
  • Protein crystal structure refinement analysis
  • Molecular Dynamics
Hit Identification -
  • Library enumeration
  • Structure-based virtual screening
  • Ligand-based virtual screening
  • De Novo design
  • Molecular Dynamics
Lead Generation - 
  • Structure-based design
  • 2D ligand-based design
  • 3D ligand-based design
  • Fragment-based discovery
Lead Optimization - 
  • Molecular docking
  • Protein flexibility
  • Fragment docking
  • Scoring functions
  • Scaffold hopping
  • Combinatorial docking
  • Properties profiling
  • Off-target screening
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