Eurofins Advinus has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and an experienced team of professionals with exposure to a wide range of therapeutic areas across multiple target classes.

We provide high quality and cost-effective discovery chemistry services from target validation to clinical candidacy including complete support on molecular modelling. These services are offered both on a full-time-equivalent basis and Fee For Service model. The services include hit and lead identification followed by candidate optimization, complemented by process and scale-up chemistry. The discovery chemistry is also offered in combination with discovery biology services as a part of lead optimization, all geared towards clinical candidate identification.

Dedicated personnel and access-controlled labs are assigned to individual client projects and a linear FTE model is followed. With capability to scale up from milligram to multi-kilogram quantities, we support clients from initial stages of discovery all the way up to GMP synthesis of the lead candidate for clinical studies and commercial batches.

Eurofins Advinus has a track record of delivering optimized leads and clinical candidates to our partners/clients ahead of stipulated timelines. The creativity and innovation at Eurofins Advinus is reflected in patents, publications and posters published over decades (see list).

Chemistry Services

Team of ~100 highly accomplished team of scientists have worked in tandem with clients across the globe using latest technologies to support them with efficient route of synthesis and delivering focused library of compounds.

  • 14+ year history of delivering high quality organic synthesis expertise -mg to multi gram
  • Expertise in a wide range of compound classes including heterocyclic or non-heterocyclic drug-like small molecules, peptides, natural products, carbohydrates, prodrug (phosphate/non-phosphate), nucleosides and PROTACs etc.
  • Tailor-made and Hit to Lead focused Libraries synthesis capabilities

Our custom-made medicinal chemistry services give you the option of outsourcing stand-alone medicinal chemistry or along with the discovery biology (in vitro assays for potency and selectivity; Tier I, II & III ADME assays and multiple efficacy models) as per your requirement. Support for early projects include expert advice on program starting points, strategies and target validation. We have the added advantage of ease of knowledge transfer as the Chemistry and Biology teams are within the same premises

  • Hit Identification: Dual approach of knowledge based and in silico / CADD based approach. Both these approaches can run in parallel
  • Hit to Lead: Focused NCEs for rapid SAR determination combined with early assessment of ADME properties and physiochemical properties
  • Lead optimization: Optimization of potency, selectivity, pharmaco-dynamic or target engagement assay having desired or meeting agreed criteria of ED50
  • Candidate nomination: Scale-up of compound(s) for candidate enabling studies
  • Expertise in broad therapeutic disease areas like Oncology, Metabolics, Inflammation, CNS, Neglected diseases, GI etc
  • Support in filing of provisional patent application
  • Dedicated synthetic labs with mini-block parallel synthesis, combiflash, microwave initiator, freeze dryer and autoclaves. Supporting purification lab with prep HPLC, mass guided purification system, semi-prep chiral HPLC etc

Intelligent drug designing using cutting edge tools has helped accomplish sophisticated lead identification. Smart Designing and advanced in-silico screening techniques can improve efficiency in Hit to Lead identification.

  • Molecular docking, Homology modeling & Fragment based drug discovery
  • Quantitative structure activity relationship (QSAR)
  • Pharmacophore modeling and core hopping
  • Virtual high throughput screening (vHTS)
  • Target focused diverse library design
  • Integration of various data to build high quality SAR
  • Calculation of Physicochemical properties
  • Software: MOE and GOLD

A dedicated team with expertise to handle advanced technology to support purification and structural elucidation of synthesized compounds and impurities

  • Purity analysis using advanced detection systems such as HPLC & UPLC with PDA, UV, ELSD, RI, LC-MS/MS with UPLC, PDA, ELSD
  • Analytical method development and purification of chiral and achiral compounds from milligram to multi-gram scale
  • Stability and degradation studies
  • Polymorph identification by DSC
  • Analytical instrumentation – 400MHz NMR, LC-MS, HPLC, GC, GCMS, Prep HPLC, Mass Directed Purifications System and SFC