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Advinus Therapeutics is a drug discovery and preclinical development services focused company based in Pune and Bangalore, India. Our services include comprehensive offerings from Medicinal Chemistry, to in vitro Biology, ADMET, DMPK, in vivo Pharmacology, IP assessment, cGMP process development and optimization, GLP toxicology, long-term rodent studies and regulatory documentation.

Cell Lines

In vitro assays are critical at all stages of drug discovery, but especially early in the drug discovery process, where they form the basis for developing Structure Activity Relationships in Medicinal Chemistry. These assays include biochemical as well as cell-based assays that are representative of more complex biological organisms or processes. Advinus offers a wide range biochemical, functional (cell-based), mechanistic and ex vivo (whole tissue-based) assays that provide exceptional value in making decisions towards compound selection for pharmacological efficacy studies in relevant animal models. Several of these assays are also amenable to high-throughput screening of compound libraries.  Our in vitro biology service offerings are shown below.

Our in vitro Biology services include:

In vitro Biology
■ Molecular and Cell Biology

  • Stable cell-line generation
  • Cloning and overexpression: baculoviral, mammalian
  • Protein purification and characterization
  • Immunological techniques
  • Flow cytometry
  • Gene expression

In vitro Assays

  • Functional Assays: Cell signaling (Gs, Gi, Gq, GTPγS), substrate uptake, ion flux, glycolysis, glycogenesis, immunofluorescence-based measurements of cellular events, mechanism of action and PD marker studies
  • Ligand binding assays

■ Permeability, efflux measurements and transporter studies

In vivo Pharmacology
■ Oncology: Xenograft studies

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Phone: +91-80-28394959
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Advinus has an experienced team of biologists with expertise in providing services using the following cell lines:

Cell LineType/DiseaseSpecies

3T3-L1fibroblast (pre-adipocyte)mouse
NIH/3T3embryonic fibroblastmouse
HEK293embryonic kidneyhuman
H9c2cardiomyocyte cell linerat
MDCKMadin-Darby canine kidney epithelial cellsdog
Caco-2Heterogeneous epithelial colorectal adenocarcinomahuman
COS-7African green monkey kidney, SV40 transformedmonkey
SF9Insect epithelial (for Baculovirus)insect
A431epidermoid carcinoma (skin)human
C2C12muscle myoblastmouse
L-6Skeletal muscle myoblastrat
Jurkat E6.1T lymphocytehuman
Jurkat E6T lymphocytehuman
PC12pheochromocytoma (CNS)rat
A549lung cancerhuman
GH3Pituitary tumorrat
HL60acute promyelocytic leukemiahuman
HT-29colon carcinomahuman
LnCAPprostate cancerhuman
MCF7breast adenocarcinomahuman
MDA-MB-231breast adenocarcinomahuman
MDA-MB-330breast mammary glandhuman
PC3prostate adenocarcinoma, grade IVhuman
RIN M5fPancreatic insulinomarat
SW480colorectal adenocarcinomahuman
U937histiocytic lymphomahuman