Eurofins Advinus has state-of-the-art Information Technology facilities including LAN/wi-fi connectivity across the campus, effective backup solution, data sharing, data and information security and disaster recovery measures. Information security is effectively handled by implementing industry best practices, policies and controls, and our IT team ensures that our client’s data is protected and shared in a secured manner.

IT Infrastructure & Capabilities:

  • Waters Nugenesis SDMS
  • Watson LIMS for DMPK
  • Provantis LIMS for Toxicology
  • WinNonLin for PK/PD Modelling
  • Accelrys Compound Inventory Management System
  • Microsoft Navision ERP for Financial control
  • In-house developed software for effective Project Management
  • In-house developed Personnel Information and Training Assessment System (PITAS)
  • Biometrics based attendance and access controlled facility
  • User rights management to systems and devices
  • Data backup with Tape auto loaders, three fold data backup solutions for all instruments.
  • Data Replication and Disaster recovery
  • Various SOPs to manage operations
  • Secure FTP server
  • Tele-conference/Video-conference facility
  • Universal Threat Management (UTM) appliances at the gateway level for Firewall, email system and Internet traffic monitoring.