Eurofins Advinus offers various metabolism studies using 14C radiolabelled molecules in its GLP-compliant facility. Studies offered include absorption, translocation and metabolism in plant; route & rate of degradation in soil / sediment systems; metabolism and tissue distribution in animal & livestock systems.

Studies are conducted in plant growth chambers / cages / simulation incubators specially designed for metabolism studies.

Radio-HPLC, LSC, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, combustion and trap analysis are used to quantify residues and identify metabolites.

Our expertise include –

  • Handling radiolabeled molecules
  • Metabolite identification
  • Determination of distribution in the crop / tissues
  • Excretion monitoring
  • Mass balance
  • Monitoring of chiral conversions
  • Re-purification when radiolabeled molecules are unstable or impure