Eurofins Advinus Agrosciences, has excellent track record in providing services like process development, process optimization, cost reduction, process validation, scale up and technology transfer for active ingredients (AIs) and its intermediates with complete analytical supports.

We are highly committed to develop the process for active ingredients (AIs) as a crop protecting agro products. We keep practicing on initial developmental protocol by thorough literature search, possible route scouting and by screening various Routes of Synthesis (here RoS is as a part of reduction to practice phenomenon). Our enthusiastic R & D process team has expertise in understanding, controlling, and developing new processes. Our process experts are always busy in developing the process, which is efficient, reproducible, robust, safe, and environmentally friendly. Through our continuous committed efforts, knowledge, and expertise, our primary aim is to satisfy client’s expectations by considering few factors such as to reduce or minimise project risk, to demonstrate robust and flexible established process with high quality active ingredients (AIs) within stipulated or acceptable timeline and budget.

  • Cost reduction
  • Solvent selection
  • Critical Process Parameters
  • Standards preparation
  • Impurity profiling
  • Process validation
  • Safety Assessment
  • Environmental safety
  • Scale up and tech transfer.