Eurofins Advinus is offering extractables studies for container closure systems.

Eurifins Advinus is equipped with state of the art instrumentation for the generation and analysis of the extracts from the packaging materials and has required expertise for interpreting the extractables data.

The extracts will be generated using various accelerated techniques like high temperature extraction, incubation, sonication, etc. Extraction medium will mimic the final product.

The generated extracts will be subjected to quantitative/qualitative analysis for:

  • Semi-volatiles: By Gas Chromatograph with FID and MS/MS detectors
  • Non-volatiles: By HPLC with UV detector/PDA detector (photodiode array) and LC-MS/MS
  • Inorganics: By ICP-MS and Ion Chromatograph (IC)
  • Volatiles: By Headspace GC with MS/MS and FID detectors

Highly sensitive equipment will be employed for the analyses leading to lowest possible LOQs.

Simulation Studies for Probable Leachables

Based on extractables data, simulation study will be planned and conducted. The analytical methods developed for extractables will be modified to suit the analysis of probable leachables in presence of the real product. This study will be conducted at accelerated temperature conditions and the product will be monitored for the probable leachables. The developed analytical methods will be validated for analysis of each probable leachable for use in Leachables study.