Being a part of Eurofins group specialised in testing services including conduct of field trials for biological assessment (bioefficacy) and Residue (GLP and non-GLP) determination, We offers a wide range of field and lab trials in India to the manufacturers of Agricultural inputs, like pesticides, biopesticides, fertilizers, plant nutrients, bio-stimulants, plant Growth promoters / regulators, etc.

The field station of our located near Coimbatore experiences conducive weather conditions with no extremes of rain, winter and summer and has several crops, including field crops, horticultural crops and plantation crops, grown in and around the area for conducting field trials to demonstrate efficacy and/or to determine residue of plant protection products, nutrients, stimulants, etc., in crops. The climatic conditions and availability of crops with target pests and diseases help in conducting trials throughout the year. Further, we have several Research Scientists/Trial Officers located in various parts of the country to conduct multi-locational field trials nationwide on different crops as needed for global sponsors including those in India.

With rich experience in conducting field and laboratory studies and generating data for R&D support as well as for Regulatory submissions for various segments of products; our field-testing services have been well recognised for efficiency and delivery of services including large scale filed trials. With strong expertise of team members in agricultural sciences, experience gained over the years and the synergy we have through the network of Eurofins group companies, we provide quality services to several leading agricultural input companies globally.

We have expertise and experience in conducting field residue studies complying with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) for generating data for MRL fixation, import tolerance, etc.

Our linked support across globe via Eurofins group services offers us capacity to establish global trial network thereby meeting any demand for testing for manufacturers who may need region specific data.

List of services:

Field Testing services for varietal studies – Seed Companies

  • Yield trials
  • Biotic and abiotic stress screening trials
  • Seed vigour tests
  • Pot Culture studies
  • Comparative assessment
  • Seed treatment and performance

Field Testing for Agrochemical/Pesticide Companies

(Acaricides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Nematicides, Molluscicides, Household Pesticides, Pest control traps, etc.)

  • Efficacy trials
  • Residue trials in different crops
  • Persistence in plants
  • Persistence, dissipation and accumulation studies in soil
  • Earthworm toxicity studies in field
  • Bee toxicity studies
  • Wash off or Rain fastness tests
  • Aged sorption studies
  • Dose optimization / Competitor product comparison / Tank-mix combinations
  • Crop tolerance studies
  • Phytotoxicity and biocompatibility studies
  • Comparative evaluation of new or change in formulation recipe

Biocides / Soil disinfectants

  • Repellence studies for floor cleaners and disinfectants
  • Efficacy trials
  • Toxicity Studies to beneficial organisms
  • Aerosol spray studies against Cockroaches

Bio-Pesticides / Biochemical pesticides

  • Efficacy trials
  • Toxicity Studies to beneficial organisms

Fertilizers / Plant nutrients / Bio-stimulants / Plant Growth Promoters/Regulators

  • Efficacy trials
  • Toxicity Studies

Customised R&D trials for different segments
Label Claim Studies
Greenhouse / Shade house studies
Field trial demos for companies including 3rd party trial requirements