Eurofins Advinus conducts aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology studies employing various species which are thoroughly characterised. Temperature controlled rooms are employed for temperature sensitive species. These studies are conducted by well qualified and experienced personnel.

Eurofins Advinus is specialized in analytical services for ecotox studies, equipped with well trained and experienced personnel; and top-end analytical equipment like, high-end LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, ICP-MS, etc. Dedicated analytical sample processing labs to avoid any contamination including glassware and glassware cleaning area used for analytical purpose. Expertise in developing analytical methods for analysis at extremely low concentrations for mono component and multiple constituent test item and also for those unstable test item in the test medium. Dose confirmation sample analysis using an efficient and validated analytical method which is regarded as highly challenging in ecotoxicology studies. Validation of methods includes matrix effects, qualifier ions in MRM for better specificity, etc., conducted prior to using them for the study sample analysis, as this become essential for getting reliable analytical results.

Ecotoxicology studies offered at Eurofins Advinus include:

  • Aquatic
    • Acute toxicity to fish
    • Acute toxicity to daphnia
    • Acute toxicity to alga
    • Acute toxicity to Lemna
    • Other aquatic plant toxicity tests
    • Early life stage and juvenile growth test in fish
    • Fish embryo toxicity test
    • Daphnia reproduction test
  • Terrestrial
    • Acute toxicity to earthworm
    • Acute toxicity to honeybee (oral & contact)
    • Acute toxicity to birds
    • Avian dietary toxicity in birds
    • Earthworm reproduction test
    • Honeybee larval toxicity test
    • Honeybee oral chronic test
    • Avian reproduction test
    • Terrestrial Plant Test: Seedling Emergence and Seedling Growth Test
    • Silkworm Acute Toxicity Test
  • Soil microorganisms: Nitrogen transformation test
  • Soil microorganisms: Carbon transformation test
  • Activated sludge respiration inhibition test

Dose Formulation Analysis

The dose formulations (test item in the vehicle) prepared for dosing the test systems in toxicology and ecotoxicology studies are analysed for test concentration verification. The dose formulation preparations are checked for their concentration, stability and homogeneity.

The services include:

  • Method development and validation for analysis of test item concentration in dose formulations
  • Testing stability and homogeneity of the test item in dose formulations
  • Dose confirmation during animal toxicology, eco-toxicology and geno-toxicology studies.
  • Dose formulations include:
    • Dietary admixtures
    • Gavage suspensions / solutions
    • Air inhalation samples
    • Aquarium water
    • Algal medium
    • etc