We bring to you insourcing services for the life sciences industry, a program designed to help pharmaceutical and biologics companies complete their R&D projects cost effectively and meet the shorter development timescale demands.

As your strategic partner we will hire, train and manage our employees to perform your defined scope of work directly at your site. This helps free you to devote your resources and focus on your R&D landscape. We exclusively manage and train our team for you!

Our insourcing services offer you trained (FTE) resources for the following areas of R&D activities –

  • Analytical chemistry QC
  • Microbiology QC
  • Stability program management
  • Method development and method validation
  • Release testing
  • Synthetic organic chemistry

Benefits of Eurofins Advinus insourcing services –

  • Reduces headcount
  • Allows you to focus your resources on core priorities
  • Eliminates co-employment and project-management worries
  • Quality process improvement matrices to demonstrate the effectiveness of the program
  • Flexibility for short-term or long-term projects
  • Provides the security of keeping projects at the client’s facility, hence helps in maintaining highest level of control and confidentiality without the burdens of employment
  • Addresses immediate turnaround times
  • Reduces costs vs. Outsourcing
  • Condenses product development cycles
  • Mitigate risk of hiring mistakes

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