From Concept to Proof of Concept   

Advinus has state-of-art infrastructure and an experienced team of professionals with exposure to a wide range of therapeutic areas and different target classes We provide high quality and cost effective integrated discovery chemistry services like hit and lead identification followed by candidate optimization, all complemented by synthetic, process, scale-up chemistry and  computer-aided drug design.

Advinus has a track record of delivering optimized leads and clinical candidates to our partners/clients ahead of stipulated timelines. The creativity and innovation at Advinus is reflected in patents, publications and posters published over a decade (see list).

  • Design and synthesis of small molecules
  • Expertise in Hit to Lead to Optimized Lead to Candidate Identification in broad therapeutic disease area like Metabolics, Inflammation, CNS, Oncology, Neglected diseases, GI
  • Expertise to generate proprietary structure activity relationship
  • Physicochemical properties and Multi Parameter Optimization
  • Expertise in solving multiple druggability issues
  • Structure and Ligand Based Drug Design (SBDD & LBDD)
  • Homology modeling & Molecular docking
  • Fragment Based Drug Discovery (FBDD)
  • Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR)
  • Pharmacophore mapping and Core hopping
  • Virtual High Throughput Screening (vHTS)
  • Target focused Diverse Library Design
  • Physicochemical properties and CNS Multi Parameter Optimization (MPO) score calculations
  • Focused Library Design towards solving a specific Medicinal Chemistry problem
  • Track record of Synthesizing variety of libraries ranging between 50-100 members
  • Characterization of New Chemical Entities (NCEs)
  • Mass directed auto-purification
  • Purity analysis
  • Analytical method development and purification of chiral and achiral compounds from milligram to multi-gram scale
  • Synthesis of singleton compounds from milligram to multi-gram scale
  • Heterocyclic and carbohydrate Chemistry
  • Scaffold and building block synthesis
  • Stereoselective/asymmetric synthesis
  • Prodrug synthesis
  • Solid/Solution Phase synthesis for Nucleotides and Peptides
  • Natural Product analogs